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Agent – is the company performs as a broker and receives commission for their service.

Air Waybill - is the receipt issued by the forwarding agent and stating the terms and parties in the shipment

All In – it is the term showing the total transportation rate from origin to destination.

AMS  - means “Automated Manifest System.” It is used for US customs.

Amended B/L -  it the modified document requested by shipper.

Arrival Notice – it is the notice of the notifying party for shipment arrival. The notifying party are usually listed in the BL

Air freight forwarder – are the ones who provides pickup and delivery. Air freight forwarders do not generally operate their own aircraft and may therefore be called "indirect air carriers."


BAF “ Bunker Adjustment Factor” it is a shipping charge for the fuel unpredictable cost also called as Fuel Adjustment Factor or FAF.

Bill Of Lading or B/- it is a contract between the shipper and the forwarder stating the terms for the shipment, the bill of lading also acts as a receipt of the freight.

 Type of bill – original bill, non-negotiable, revised bl, amended bl, house b/l, negotiable b/l

  • House B/L is generated by consolidator or freight forwarder for a single shipment stating the goods being transported, names and addresses of the parties involved in the transaction.
  • Negotiable B/L can be bought, sold or traded while freight is in transit. Originals are required by the carrier in order to release the shipment. Negotiable Bill of Lading is title of the merchandise, issued “to order to” and endorsement is required from the shipper for goods transfer.
  • Non–Negotiable BOL or also known as Straight B/L. Goods cannot be sold, bought or traded while cargo is in transit, most often the cargo has been prepaid.
  • Original B/L is the part of the OBL indicating the value.

Billed Weight -  is the invoiced, chargeable weight.

Blocking or Bracing - is securing the cargo to prevent cargo shifting and damage.

Bond Port - is designated port of initial customs entry.

Bonded Warehouse-  is storage of goods authorized by Customs for which custom duties are postponed.

Booking - is space and equipment reservation with a carrier for freight acceptance and carriage.

Break Bulk - is non containerized cargo.

Broker - is person arranging freight transportation for commission.

Bunker Charge - is carrier compensation for fuel cost fluctuations. Also known as BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor or FAF Fuel Adjustment Factor.



CAF - Currency Adjustment Factor is surcharge for currency exchange fluctuation.

Cargo - is merchandise, freight loaded on vessel.

Cargo Manifest - is lists of all goods in customer shipment carried on vessel voyage.

Carrier -is freight transportation party, which transport goods by rail, road, ocean and air.

Certificate of Origin -is document indicating the origin of goods in international trade.

CFS - Container Freight Station is facility for loading and unloading containerized cargo.

Chassis - is wheeled frame with locking devices on which container is transported.

CIF - Cost, Insurance, Freight

Commercial Invoice - receipt for transaction between the exporter and the importer, indicating the goods value and description.

Consignee - shipping party, recipient of the cargo in the transaction.

Consignor - shipper in the bill of lading.

Consolidation – is the process of cargo shipping of several shippers to one destination under one bill of lading.

Container – metal box, used for goods transportation in international trade and transported on chassis, vessel and rail. 

Container Yard (CY)  is container storage facility, where the container are loaded or unloaded from the ship.

Custom house Broker - is a licensed person or company, by the treasury department engaged customs goods clearance for the importer.

Customs Entry declaration –are duties paid by the importer for incoming foreign goods.

Cut–Off Time --is the terminal deadline when the cargo can be delivered for loading on the ship.



DG -  Dangerous Cargo.

Delivery Instructions – information for goods delivery issued by shipper.         

Demurrage - penalty charge invoiced to shipper or consignee for delaying the carrier’s equipment over the free time. The free time is stated in the shipping contract between the carrier and the freight forwarder or shipper.

Depot - Container terminal where empty containers can be pick up or dropped off..

Destination - is the assigned shipping destination. Also destination is the place where cargo is handed to the consignee or agent.

Detention -is carrier penalty charge billed to consignees or shippers for equipment (container) delaying over the allowed time. Detention applies to equipment, demurrage applies to cargo.

Diversion -is the changing the shipping routing or the entire vessel.

Door–to–Door -is complete transportation service from shipper location to consignee facility.

Dry Cargo -is goods not requiring temperature control and not liquid.

Dutiable Value – is the amount on which custom duties are calculated.

DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) -Seller delivered goods at the named destination.

DDP Delivered Duty paid - Seller delivered goods at the named destination and pay charges of delivering the goods to be cleared at custom.


Empty Repo -is transportation of empty containers.

ETA – Estimated Time of arrival is time when vessel is expected to errive at destination.

Export - is the process of goods transportation to a foreign country.

Export Declaration - is official document declaring merchandise to be shipped to foreign country.

Export License - is document or permit allowing export of designated goods to nominated destination.

Ex-Works - is cargo and risk transfer from seller to the buyer at seller premises.



FAS - Free alongside Ship is part of Inco terms when the seller is responsible for cargo clearance for export.

FCL - Full Container Load, is containerized cargo transportation, usually involves one shipper and consignee.

Flat Rack- is container without side walls. Cargo can be side and top loaded.

FOB – the seller is responsible to deliver the cargo on vessel board. This is one of the most commonly miss used shipping term.


GRI (General Rate Increase) - is used to indicate shipping freight rate increase.



Import - is the process of delivering goods from foreign country.

Import License – is a document authorizing importation of goods.

Inland Carrier cargo – is a transportation by truck or other vehicle between inland point and port.


LCL - Less than Container Load, refers for small and medium size cargo shipments not enough ti fill the whole container. Usually consolidated in container with other cargo and shipped.

Manifest - is a document describing various shipments transported by the carrier. Used for custom purposes and detailed shipment summary for the goods on the vessel.

Measurement Cargo - is transportation freight rate calculated based on cargo dimensions not weight. Also known as volumetric weight, or dimensional weight. 

MBL Master Bill of Lading - is document issued from the carrier for the ocean freight.


Net Weight is cargo weight without any additional packaging components.

NVOCC - Non–Vessel Operating Common Carrier is transportation company acting as an ocean common carrier without own vessel, can issue own bill of ladings publish tariffs etc.


On Board – is a notification that the cargo has been loaded and shipped on board on vessel.

Original Bill of Lading OBL is original document issued by carrier or NVOCC for cargo release.


Packing List - is shipping document indicating cargo description, weight and dimensions but no value is required.

Pallet - is a platform for loading packages and pieces for easy transportation and handling.

Per Diem - shipping charge for inland carrier detention.

Pier - is the carrier terminal to which vessel is loaded and unloaded.

Pier to Pier - is shipping from port to port.

POD Proof of Delivery, Port of Discharge or Port of Destination - is place where cargo is unloaded from the vessel.

POL - Port of Loading is the place where cargo is loaded on vessel.

Port – Harbor with piers or docks



Sea Waybill - is document indicating that cargo is released and no original documents are needed at destination.

Ship Demurrage - delay charge beyond agreed period.

Shipper’s Export Declaration – is document for export shipment filled from the shipper and indicating commodity0 class, weight, value etc.

Shipper’s Instructions - is detailed shipping information for freight, loading location shipping terms and all parties related in the shipment shipper and consignee.



Tariff - is rate announcement from of transportation companies.

Telex Released - is cargo release without presenting original documents.

Terminal - is area where containers are loaded on vessel, truck or train.

Terminal Handling Charge – is a charge for container loading and unloading from vessel.

TEU Twenty foot Equivalent Unit 20’ DV Container.

Transshipment Port is intermediate shipping terminal where cargo is transferred from one vessel to another.

Telegraphic transfer (t/t) – it is an electronic transfer of funds through bank.





Wharfage - is war risk shipping surcharge resulting from any act of war. freight handled over the pier or dock or against a steamship company using the pier or dock

Warehouse - is storage of goods for cargo consolidation, distribution, receipt and delivery.

Waybill (WB) - is document issued form the transportation company indicating the origin, destination, routing, shipper, consignee; etc Waybill is not document of title.

Weights and Measurement / Measure ton - is the shipping rate based on the higher weight actual or dimensional:


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lt was established in Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines in 2003.

Throughout the years, NFI Nominated Freight International Services Inc. has established itself as a leading forwarder in Visayas and Mindanao area.

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